Famous Italian Singers

Remembering Famous Italian Singers

Famous italian Singers image of a heart with Italian colorsGrowing up in an Italian Family, I always had to listen to my parents LPs (Albums) from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Tony Bennett, Al Martino, etc.; I became used to the music, even though while growing up that wasn’t my personal choice. But now that I am much older,  I began to appreciate their music and talent. There are several Famous Italian Singers today, but this site only covers the Crooners and the Standards of the 1940s through the 1970s. But, their music has still lived on for so many decades. So I want to dedicate this site to all those who remember the great American Italian Crooners and Standards of years past.  And to the younger audience who appreciate the music of the all time greats today.  Below is the list of my famous Italian singers, just click on the name to go to the page.

Famous Italian Singers/The Crooners

Dean Martin

Frank Sinatra

Jerry Vale

Perry Como

Jimmy Roselli

Al Martino

Louie Prima

Lou Monte

Tony Bennett

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